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All municipal wastes are screened after pre sorting and sorting of garbage is done on conveyors and trommels. In direct firing of msw in the heating chamber, first of all sorting of stones & innerts is being done and then drying takes place. Dried msw id fed to heating chamber for combustion and heat energy thus produced is used for powerplant. In second design, first of all rdf is produced and then it is fed to combustion chamber either in form of rdf or briquettes or pallets. This is further used as a substitute to conventional fuels and electricity is produced with power generation equipments. Any higher capacity from 1 mega watt is generated with this. Services of engineering consultancy , detailed engineering, detailed project report, supply & commissioning of all equipments are available.

Waste-to-Energy (WtE) is the process of converting biodegradable waste source into energy, in the form of electricity or heat. WtE is a reliable and renewable form of energy which is capable of providing significant social and economic benefits. With increased awareness and technological advancements, WtE plants can be operated in an environmentally sound manner and represent economic assets to individuals, communities and industries. We provides advanced technologies and services that support the efficient design, supply and operation of waste-to-energy plants. Environmentally secure, turn-key solutions are provided to industries, commercial set-ups and institutes to process their organic wastes and replace their EB power, diesel power and LPG consumption.

Comprehending the variegated needs of diverse industries after a thorough examination of the evaluation results of parameters like application, cost, configurations, feature and degrees of feasibility, we endeavor to offer a range that is high on performance and low on maintenance.

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