Powered Roller Conveyors

We develop Powered Roller Conveyor incorporating fine-class Skate Wheels, Drive Shaft and Belt, powered by electric motors that empowers the system to function optimally and satisfactorily

We construct Powered Roller Conveyor in different configurations in terms of drive capacity like either belt or chain driven. The topology depends on the application and operational demands and preference so as to befit exclusive material handling need of clients. Our model of Powered Roller Conveyor is immensely suitable for accumulative loads and performing merging operation. Uniformity in pace of traveling is the most important factor to be considered, so we lay utmost importance to design and assembly of the system in order to provide dependable moving and unloading of goods in warehouse and supermarkets.

Our Powered Roller Conveyor comply with international codes and standards in terms of quality, design and performance, in addition to providing means of handling process and safe operation.

Notable Attributes Of Machine
  • Offering desirable control over the flow
  • Ensuring low friction of roller and motion resistivity
  • Incorporating roller composed of Nylon, Aluminum, Steel
  • Custom-made configuration to meet the need of particular application
Comprehending the variegated needs of diverse industries after a thorough examination of the evaluation results of parameters like application, cost, configurations, feature and degrees of feasibility, we endeavor to offer a range that is high on performance and low on maintenance.

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